viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Electro / Trip Hop - Cyesm: Melancollection


01- Muted Words
02- In The Mirror
03- Sorry Time
04- Trouble
05- Shy Spirit
06- Crumble
07- Early Mourning
08- Trough Streets
09- Hip Hop Tasty
10- Stay In Confusion

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cornholio dijo...

Hola soy Italiano no hablo espanol mucho bien ma esta poesia....meravigliosa!!
Pero que es "ave"? y "tomo de mas"? ;) Ciao, gracias!

Biciman dijo...

Hola amigo Cornholio, gracias por el cumplido, "ave" = pájaro = bird, y "tomo de más" = ebrio = borracho = drunk = pájaro que tomó cagó y se murió. Espero te sirva, ciao!

GCF dijo...

Cyesm's music is under copyright...

I'm the one in charge of this so please, just stop this ! Cyesm's music is available in streaming for free on many place ! Downloading this is FORBIDDEN... Remove your link please.

Pascal for Good Citizen Factory

GCF dijo...

Now remove files from zshare server, it's alway reachable from other blogs you posted on.

last warning.

GCF lawyer

Biciman dijo...

Mr. GCF Lawyer: I'm an artist too (literature and music) and I share some of my work just to be known without asking economic reward. But it's your right and I accept that. You know? None of my friends and followers from latin america knew about Cyesm's work till they listened these few tracks, even in the zip file I had included the link to Cyesm on Myspace so they could have more information and get (legally) more of his work, it's not easy to get his records on this side of the world and not everyone has a credit card to get them from the internet. I'm not selling it and I'm not sharing all his works, just a few songs, and streaming is only for powerfull connections, that not everyone has. Excuse my procedure (and my english), for you it's business, for me it's just art. Greetings.

Guidolo dijo...

Che que Gato este Pibe GCF- Como hago para que me pases el link¿? saludos!

Biciman dijo...

Amigo Guidolo, le pasé el link al mono (en los comentarios de tu blog), cualquier cosa me chiflás, saludos!

k3ynO dijo...

aun es posible obtener ese link? gracias y felicidades por este excelente blog, donde efectivamente conocemos un poco de todo.

Biciman dijo...